Clinical Cases in ENT

by Geetha Chary

This book is a compendium of clinical case studies in ENT. The diseases which are the subject of this book include malignancies affecting the ear, nose and throat as well as others like sinonasal polyps, nasopharyngeal angiofibroma, facial nerve palsy, chronic otitis media, left vocal cord paralysis, goiter, thyroglossal cyst, parotid swelling and submandibular gland swelling, to name a few. The emphasis of the book is on taking clinical history and proper clinical examination. Therefore, elucidating relevant information from the patient is described, in a question-and-answer format, with alternative lines of enquiry outlined wherever relevant. Explanations are provided as to the conclusions that may be arrived at from this information. The use of this information and that from clinical examination in arriving at a provisional diagnosis is described. The use of laboratory investigations in confirmation of diagnosis is also explained. Each case study also provides details of various options for treatment and the treatment protocols for each.


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