Diagnosis and Management of Dermatologic Disorders (Including STDs, Leprosy, HIV and AIDS)

by SK Punshi

The book titled “Diagnosis and Management of Dermatologic Disorders” elucidates different skin disorders. Skin is the largest organ and it is the living barrier between us and the outside world. Skin diseases are estimated to be about 10% to 15% in all over the world. This book emphasizes on diagnosis and management of various dermatological disorders. The book has 23 chapters. Chapter 1 discusses the global statistics of skin diseases in India and the World. Chapters 2 and 3 discuss basics of skin related to structure and physiology. As we move on to further chapters, it discusses several dermatological infections such as cutaneous infestations with pyogenic bacteria, cutaneous tuberculosis, fungal infections, viral infections and papulosquamous diseases. Apart from these, disorders of hair and nails are also discussed. Furthermore, this book incorporates several new topics such as dermatitis eczema, pyoderma, psoriasis, tuberculosis, vitiligo, melasma and antiaging, which add value to this book.

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