by Kiran V Godse

This book gives the brief description on urticaria. Urticaria is an itchy red blotchy rash resulting from swelling of the superficial part of the skin. It can be localised or more widespread. Angioedema occurs when the deeper tissues, the lower dermis and subcutaneous tissues, are involved and become swollen. Our understanding of urticaria has radically changed in the past two decades. For example, today, most cases of chronic urticaria are now accepted to have an autoimmune etiology, and immunomodulating drugs are increasingly being used in the treatment of this condition, frustrating to patient and clinician alike. This book consists of 21 chapters that include historical aspects of urticaria, classification of urticaria, immunology and etiopathogenesis, diagnosis of urticaria, acute urticaria, contact urticaria, physical urticaria, angioedema, urticaria and papular urticaria in pediatric age group, cutaneous mastocytosis, urticaria vasculitis, chronic urticaria, pharmacology of antihistamines, updosing of nonsedating antihistamines in recalcitrant chronic urticaria, treatment of chronic urticaria, autologous serum skin test, urticaria meter, autoserum therapy in chronic urticaria, a qualitative analysis for urticaria control, Fric test, and omalizumab. This book is meant to be companion of busy practicing dermatologists, residents and family physicians.


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