IAP Management Algorithms for Common Pediatric Illnesses

by A Parthasarathy, MKC Nair, Jaydeep Choudhury, Ritabrata Kundu, PSN Menon, Dhanya Dharmapalan, Alok Gupta, A Somasundaram, Remesh Kumar, S Narmada Ashok

This book on \"IAP Management Algorithms for Common Pediatric Illnesses\" provides an overview of some of the common pediatric illnesses. This book on algorithms intends to enable the pediatrician to recognize many pediatric illnesses in a simplified manner and give practical suggestions in their management. These management algorithms will provide the learning experience in a structured manner. The book includes chapters \"Newborns\", \"Growth and Development\", \"Nutrition\", \"Immunization\" etc. The book also consists of chapters discussing various pediatric diseases related to infectious diseases, Cardiology, Neurology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, Urology etc. The main emphasis has been to provide clear-cut guidelines as to how to make a diagnosis on clinical grounds with minimal investigations and to choose the most rational therapy. This book with comprehensive tables highlighting important differential diagnoses, integrating strategies for evaluation and liberal use of algorithms will be a boon to practicing pediatricians. The algorithms, which have come out of the experts\' own rich experience over decades, are very practical and useful for day-to-day practice. The information contained herein will be a benchmark in the understanding of the best approaches to the patients.


Book Detail

1. Parthasarathy A
2. Nair MKC
3. Choudhury Jaydeep
4. Kundu Ritabrata
5. Menon PSN
6. Dharmapalan Dhanya
7. Gupta Alok
8. Somasundaram A
9. Kumar Remesh
10. Ashok S Narmada
Editor's Affiliation
1. Senior Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Madras Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
2. Child Development Center, SAT Hospital, Trivandrum, India
3. Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
4. Institute of Child Health, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
5. Indian Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology 2011-12; Jaber Al-Ahmed Armed Forces Hospital, Kuwait
6. Dr Yewale’s Multispeciality Hospital for Children, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
7. Pediatric Specialties Clinic, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
8. Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital; Sabari Child Care Clinic and Center for Child Development
9. NSS Medical Mission Hospital, Pathanamthitta, Kerala
10. Nalam Medical Centre and Hospital, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
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