Practical ENT

by Vikas Sinha

This book focuses on “Practical ENT”. This book gives a detailed and precise insight into clinical history taking, examinations, case studies, instruments and operative procedures. This book consists of 18 chapters, which include history taking in ENT, history and examination of ear, history and examination of nose and paranasal sinuses, examination of oral cavity, examination of salivary glands, examination of tonsil and pharynx, examination of larynx, examination of neck (excluding the thyroid gland), examination of thyroid gland, examination of cranial nerves, x-rays in ENT, operations, audiology, calorimetry, applied anatomy of bones, instruments, frequently asked questions, and case presentation in ENT. This book is primarily meant for the undergraduate students, especially for those who have first posting in ENT. The postgraduates are advised to refer other referral and advanced books of ENT for better knowledge and understanding of the subject. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is a chapter in which students can quickly revise the things while preparing for the examinations. It does not mean that only these types of questions are being asked in the examination.


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