Breast Elastography: Basic Principles and Interpretation of Clinical Cases

by Christina An. Gkali, Constantine Dimitrakakis, Maria Sotiropoulou

Ultrasound imaging is a first-line imaging modality for a wide range of indications, playing a major role in screening, diagnosis, and therapeutic interventions for various diseases and pathologies. However, even with enormous improvements in recent years, conventional ultrasound is limited in its ability to differentiate between the mechanical properties of tissue, which can be important in assessing the morphology and physiology of focal or diffuse disease. Ultrasound elastography was initially introduced as a new imaging method adjunct to ultrasound in order to overcome ultrasonography limitations, such as increased number of unnecessary biopsies. The use of more than one imaging tools can provide overall higher diagnostic accuracy than one imaging modality alone. This proved true when adding elastography to conventional ultrasound and when using multiple elastography technologies in cooperation. This book “Breast Elastography: Basic Principles and Interpretation of Clinical Cases” refers to medical professionals who wish to practice breast ultrasound elastography. This book comprises of total 11 chapters and provides the specialist with a detailed practical guide to the techniques of breast elastography and the interpretation of images obtained. The last part of the book presents some pitfalls of elastography. It is hoped that the majority of those who practice breast elastography will find this book readily accessible and affordable and that they will come to regard it as an invaluable starter manual and practical handbook.

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Book Detail

Editor Editor's Affiliation
1. Gkali Christina An.
"Alexandra" General Hospital of Athens, Athens, Greece
2. Dimitrakakis Constantine
Medical School, University of Athens, Athens, Greece; "Alexandra" General Hospital of Athens, Athens, Greece
3. Sotiropoulou Maria "Alexandra" General Hospital of Athens, Athens, Greece
ISBN 9789352700578
Speciality Obstetrics and Gynecology, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/14228
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2018
Book Type Professional


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