Methods in Drug Evaluation

by Prafulla Chandra Tiwari

This book focuses on the methods in drug evaluation. This book is about the scientific methods and thinking that “Pharmacologists” use for new drug discovery. By understanding and applying these methods, students can develop new animal models for drug discovery process. This book consists of 15 chapters, which include various stages in the process of drug development, clinical enzymology, pharmacological screening and bioassay, cardiovascular drugs, anticoagulants, antiuricosuric drugs, antiasthmatic drugs, anxiolytic drugs, anticonvulsant drugs, antiparkinsonian drugs, general anesthetic agents, local anesthetic agents, antacids, and laxative and antidiarrheal agents. This book has a number of features that are designed to help accomplish student goals for this course. The big goal of this book is that student will get much better at analyzing conclusions that are based on data.


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