A Handbook of Vitiligo and Color Atlas

by SK Punshi

A simple handbook presents an approach and evaluation of vitiligo and pigmentation disorders in general, which deals with various etiological causes and modalities of treatment and management of the disease. Vitiligo is not only a cosmetic problem, but also social and psychological problems in dark-skinned people throughout the globe. This book consists of 20 chapters that focus on vitiligo, clinical aspects of vitiligo, genetic susceptibility in vitiligo and familial aggregation of vitiligo, the psychosocial impacts of vitiligo, vitiligo with disorders of other systems, etiology of vitiligo, color of the skin, hypothesis in the causation of vitiligo, investigations for vitiligo, treatment of vitiligo, and vitiligo in children. In the second edition, new photographs, new flowcharts and new theories of causation of vitiligo and new modes and modalities of treatments and managements have been added. This second edition of book is humble presentation to the treating physician, dermatologists and students and interns as a simple guide.


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