Comprehensive Textbook of Echocardiography

by Navin C Nanda

The aim of the current book is to provide an overview of the subject of clinical echocardiography as it is practiced today. The book consists of a total of 85 chapters organized into seven sections. The first section deals with the basics of ultrasound, Doppler, speckle tracking, three-dimensional echocardiography and instrumentation. A short history of echocardiography and Doppler are also included in this section. The second section consists of various aspects of echocardiography and ultrasound examination. M-mode and two- and three-dimensional transthoracic and transesophageal examinations, nonstandard planes, various aspects of Doppler assessment including tissue Doppler, velocity vector and speckle tracking imaging, transpharyngeal echo, and epiaortic echocardiography are dealt with in this section. Valvular heart disease is covered in the next section. Section 4 deals with two- and three-dimensional echocardiographic assessments of systolic and diastolic function of both left and right ventricles. The next section contains chapters covering ischemic heart disease, coronary arteries and coronary flow reserve, and different aspects of stress echocardiography. Section 6 deals with congenital of pediatric congenital heart disease, ventricular function, adult congenital heart disease and acquired heart diseases in childhood. The final section in the book, Section 7, covers systemic diseases, life-threatening conditions, echocardiography in women and the elderly, echocardiography for the electrophysiologist and lung ultrasound. A very large number of echocardiographic images and other figures illustrate most of the chapters of the book and eight DVDs contain numerous movie clips to supplement the images. These represent a major highlight of the book. This two volume textbook is a practical guide to echocardiography for trainees.

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Book Detail

Editor Editor's Affiliation
1. Nanda Navin C University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Alabama Health Services Foundation, The Kirklin Clinic, Birmingham, Alabama, USA; International Society of Cardiovascular Ultrasound
ISBN 9789352701643
Speciality Cardiology
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/18299
Edition 2/e
Publishing Year 2020
Pages 2272
Book Type Professional