Medical-Surgical Nursing (2 Volumes)

by Kochuthresiamma Thomas

This book focuses on Medical-Surgical Nursing (Volume II). Medical-Surgical Nursing and its specialties constitute major part of nursing curriculum. It is one of the most challenging and demanding nursing specialties. The advancement in science, medicine, surgery, and technologies has greatly influenced medical-surgical nursing. It includes nursing care of adults and elderly. This book consists of 24 chapters, which include pathophysiologic mechanism of disease, altered immune response, fluid and electrolyte balance and imbalance, operation theater technique, management of patient undergoing surgery, nursing management of patients with impaired respiratory function and gas exchange, management of patients with gastrointestinal disorders, management of patients with metabolic and endocrinal disorders, nursing management of patients with neurological disorders, nursing management of elderly, oncology nursing, nursing care of patients with eye disorders, nursing care of patients with communicable diseases, emergency management, and emergency and disaster nursing. The content of this book are definitely helpful for the nursing students and covers overwhelming glut of compact information of topics. It helps the nursing students to develop and refine their clinical knowledge and practices.


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