Chapter-14 Adjustment Psychology

BOOK TITLE: Basic Psychology for Nurses

1. Kumar Rajesh
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Adjustment psychology, normal adjustment, abnormal adjustment, social adjustment, emotional adjustment, occupational adjustment, physiological adjustment


The behavioral process by which humans and other animals maintain equilibrium among or between their needs and the obstacles of their environments is so called adjustment psychology. In general, the adjustment process involves four parts such as a need or motive in the form of a strong persistent stimulus, the thwarting or nonfulfillment of this need, varied activity, or exploratory behavior accompanied by problem solving, and some response that removes or at least reduces the initiating stimulus and completes the adjust. This chapter covers the concept of adjustment, types of adjustment, areas of adjustment in nursing, methods of adjustment, characteristics of a well-adjusted person, characteristics of adjustment mechanism, warning signs of maladjustment, symptoms of maladjustment, and factors causing maladjustment. In this chapter, short essay type questions and multiple choice questions along with their answer key are also provided.

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