Lipocrinology: The Relationship between Lipids and Endocrine Function

by Sanjay Kalra, Gagan Priya

The aim of this book is to focus on the Lipocrinology: The Relationship between Lipids and Endocrine Function. Lipocrinology is a comprehensive coverage of the complex relationship between lipid health and endocrine function. The innovative concept of lipocrinology is defined and described, before detailing the impact of each endocrine axis upon lipid health. The role of the adipose tissue as an endocrine organ is elaborated upon, as is the relevance of the Asian lipophenotype and lipotoxicity in diabetes. Subsequently, the utility of lipid estimation in risk stratification and clinical decision-making is explored. This book consists of 3 sections that include lipids in endocrinology, endocrine aspects of lipidology, and management issues in lipocrinology, which are further divided into 16 chapters. Section 1 describes the impact of hormones on lipids, and the usage of lipophenotype in endocrine clinical practice. Section 2 covers the impact of adipose tissue/lipids on endocrine glands, while section 3 expands upon the endocrinotropic and lipotropic effects of various drugs. This information is essential for the practising cardiologist, who increasingly deals with patients with multiple endocrine comorbidities. The concepts expounded in this book will help improve overall metabolic and endocrine management in cardiac patients.

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