Chapter-10 Physical Activity for Patients with Diabetes in Pregnancy: Clinical Update

BOOK TITLE: Clinical Guidelines for Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy

1. Saxena Pikee
2. Gupta Rajiv
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1. Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, India, Lady Hardinge Medical College and SSK Hospital New Delhi, India, Reproductive Biomedicine National Institute of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi, Lady Hardinge Medical College and Suchitra Kripalani Hospital New Delhi, Lady Hardinge Medical College and Smt Sucheta Kriplani Hospital, New Delhi, India
2. Pt Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, CEO State Institute of Mental Health, Rohtak, Haryana, India, Max Hospital, New Delhi, India
Chapter keywords
Physical activity, pregnancy, diabetes, physiological change, pregnancy affecting exercise, yoga, aerobics class, brisk walking, swimming


This chapter focuses on the physical activity for patients with diabetes in pregnancy. Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by the contraction of skeletal muscles while exercise is physical activity consisting of planned, structured, and repetitive bodily movements done to improve one or more components of physical fitness. Although there is a concern regarding exercise for pregnant women, it has been observed that physical activity during uncomplicated pregnancy has minimal risks and may prevent both gestational diabetes (GDM) and possibly development of Type 2 diabetes mellitus later in life. Engaging in regular physical activity before pregnancy frequently has been associated with a reduced risk of developing obesity, increased weight gain during pregnancy, GDM and preeclampsia. Recommendations by different authorities on exercise during pregnancy, response of the fetus to maternal exercise, benefits of exercise during pregnancy, physiological changes in pregnancy affecting exercise, exercises to be avoided during pregnancy, contraindications to exercise during pregnancy, types of exercise, intensity of exercise, and exercise during the postpartum period are covered in this chapter.

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