Chapter-14 Role of Enterostomal Nurse

BOOK TITLE: Stoma Care

1. Balachandar TG
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Enterostomal nurse, stoma, preoperative counseling, postoperative role, skin condition, psychological support, enterostomal therapy


This chapter a review on role of enterostomal nurse. Preoperative preparation is a very important step in providing a good quality of life. It involves not only the successful management of the underlying disease of the patient but also a good functioning stoma. The patient nurse has a very high responsibility to address all the psychological issues preventing the patient in creation of stoma. It is necessary to counsel the patient one week before the surgery regarding the stoma. Counseling a male and a female ostomate is different. It is better to counsel the ostomates through the Ostomy visitors who are of the same gender. Postoperatively the enterostomal therapy (ET) nurse instructs the patients and family in ostomy care, dietary and fluid alterations, and ways to incorporate ostomy management into patients’ life. The ET nurse should inform the surgical team if there are any concerns regarding the color of the stoma. The first sign of functioning of the bowel is filling up of stoma with the flatus. A rod is a hard plastic tube that is place under the loop of the stoma. This plastic tube is usually left under the loop for a period of 1 week to 10 days and is removed based on surgeon’s instruction. The condition of the skin can be seen only when the stoma bag is changed. Psychological support, diet, foods to avoid, lifestyle modifications of patients with ostomy, day-to-day activity, and sex and intimacy are the other important topics which are also covered in this chapter.

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