Handbook of Biochemistry (For Allied and Nursing Students)

by Shivananda Nayak B

This title “Handbook of Biochemistry is a concise textbook in Biochemistry covering all the chapters which are essential for nursing and Allied Health students. It presents chemistry, digestion and absorption and metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids. The contents are written step-by-step manner through which students can easily understand. The chapters on metabolism are included with flow chart which will facilitate the learners to understand the metabolism easily. The chapters on nutrition are given with lucid diagrams and simple table which will help the learners to know about the symptoms of nutritional related disorders. The richness of the chapters on cancer, AIDS, radioisotopes in medicine, antioxidants, organ function tests, instrumentation and techniques are enhanced by a number of color illustrations and figures to impress upon the reader with the utmost clarity. This is a unique title provide not only the contents but also the multiple choice and short essay questions at the end of each chapter for the students check their learning process.


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