Treatment of Parkinson Disease

by PV Rai

The book Step by Step Treatment of PARKINSON DISEASE gives practical hints used for the management of Parkinson disease which are helpful for the general medical practitioners and students of neurology. It gives all the details regarding the interrogation of patients and the management of various clinical aspects of the disease. The diagnosis and treatment of idiopathic Parkinson disease (IPD) can be done by levodopa and dopamine-receptor agonists, neurological examination, family history, MRI, PET, and so on which are covered in detail in this book. Parkinson disease can be treated to a considerable extent through such drugs as Levodopa, Dopamine-receptor agonists, antiParkinson drugs and other drugs. Short discussion is also given on the supplementary treatment and deep brain stimulation. The chapters also include case histories along with the diagnostic procedure and treatment used for better understanding of Parkinson syndrome.

Book Series: Step by Step


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