MCQs in Oral Pathology (With Explanatory Answers)

by Sundeep S Bhagwath

The mouth is an important organ with many different functions. Oral pathology refers to the diseases of the mouth, jaws, and related structures such as salivary glands, temporomandibular joints, facial muscles and perioral skin. The specialty oral pathology is concerned with diagnosis and study of the causes and effects of diseases affecting the oral and maxillofacial region. Multiple choice questions (MCQs) tests are the preferred format for accurate and comprehensive assessment of students’ ability to think objectively and critically. Apart from postgraduate entrance examinations, they have also become an integral part of undergraduate examinations with most universities amalgamating them along with other longer forms of assessment. The reason they are favored is, due to the fact that, they are easy to evaluate and accurately assess the objective thinking of the candidates. This book consists of total 17 chapters and designed to cater to the needs of undergraduate dental students undergoing a study in the subject of oral and maxillofacial pathology. It includes all the pertinent areas covered under this subject and attempts to inculcate in the students an endeavor to explore the horizons of this subject. The questions have been framed keeping in mind particularly the undergraduate dental students as not many such resources are available to them. Explanatory answers of all the questions are also provided to aid the students in better understanding of the topics.


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