The Skills of History Taking (for Medical Students and Practitioners)

by Rahul Tanwani

A patient visits a doctor with a diseased body, a pile of complaints and a hope to get a remedy from him. By his skills of ‘history taking and clinical examination’, the doctor is able to diagnose what is troubling the patient and subsequently prescribes medications for the same. The art of history taking and physical examination is taught to a doctor right from his student life in a medical college. The skill of history taking is based on three basic questions: ‘What to ask?’, ‘Why to ask?’ and ‘How to ask?’ This book “The Skills of History Taking” comprises of total 18 chapters. All the chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated. Some new chapters have been added, like the chapters focusing on communication skills during internship and postgraduation, and communication skills in clinical practice. Many new sections have been added at multiple places in several chapters, like on communication with emergency cases, common mistakes during presentation, etc. With an intention of making them more perspicuous and interesting, all the messages and suggestions for the students are supported by some illustrated cases, which are inspired by some real-life incidents. Also, several photographs showing the interaction of students with the patients have been added in this edition. The affection of this book to answer the most frequently faced problem, how to ask, is quite appreciable. This book will be beneficial for the students in improving their communication skills with the patients both in their present as well as future life.


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