Self Assessment & Review: ENT

by Sakshi Arora Hans

This book discusses self assessment and review: ENT. This book is designed to provide accurate, authoritative information about the subject matter in question. This book covers the anatomy of ear, physiology of ear and hearing, hearing loss, assessment of hearing loss, assessment of vestibular function, diseases of external ear, diseases of middle ear, Meniere’s disease, otosclerosis, facial nerve and its lesions, lesion of cerebellopontine angle and acoustic neuroma, glomus tumor and other tumors of the ear, rehabilitative methods, anatomy and physiology of nose, diseases of external nose and nasal septum, granulomatous disorders of nose, nasal polyps and foreign body in nose, inflammatory disorders of nasal cavity, epistaxis, oral cavity, anatomy of pharynx, tonsils and adenoids, head and neck space inflammation and thornwaldt’s bursitis, lesions of nasopharynx and hypopharynx including tumors of pharynx, pharynx hot topics, anatomy of larynx, congenital lesions of larynx and stridor, acute and chronic inflammation of larynx, voice and speech disorders, vocal cord paralysis, and tumors of larynx. This book discusses the topic with many flow charts, tables, and mnemonics for better understanding and retaining. To give students an idea of the new questions which could be formed, over 500 new pattern questions have been added, along-side the theory. This will help you to reinforce important points from the topic. These questions are the potential questions for upcoming exams. All important instruments related to surgery, diagrams, X-rays, CT scans have been given along with the topic.

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Book Detail

Author Author's Affiliation
1. Hans Sakshi Arora New Delhi
ISBN 9789385999536
Speciality Otolaryngology, MCQs and Self-assessment
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/12861
Edition 7/e
Publishing Year 2016
Pages 456
Book Type Reference


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