Chapter-05 Nonmelanocytic Lesions

BOOK TITLE: Color Atlas of Dermoscopy

1. Cabo Horacio Antonio
2. Peralta Rosario
3. Marcucci Carolina
4. Friedman Paula
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1. Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), Buenos Aires, Argentina; Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA); Institute of Medical Research, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)
2. University of Buenos Aires; Medical Research Institute University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
3. Hospital Alvarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
4. Instituto de Investigaciones Médicas ‘A Lanari’, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chapter keywords
Nonmelanocytic lesion, seborrheic keratosis, solar lentigo, basal cell carcinoma, angioma, angiokeratoma, dermatofibroma, actinic keratosis, keratoacanthoma, Bowen’s disease, squamous cell carcinoma


This chapter gives the brief description on the color images of nonmelanocytic lesions. Nonmelanocytic lesions include seborrheic keratosis, solar lentigo, basal cell carcinoma, angiomas and angiokeratomas, dermatofibroma, actinic keratoses, keratoacanthoma, Bowen’s disease and squamous cell carcinoma, and other nonmelanocytic lesions. Seborrheic keratoses (SKs) are benign skin tumors that appear toward middle aged and occasionally in young people. They are very frequent and show preferably on the face and trunk. Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most frequent of all malignant skin tumors and cancers that may affect human beings. This malignant tumor does not generally metastasize and its incidence increases with sun exposure and over the age of 40. It is more frequent in men and less common in dark complexions. In general, the lesions are pink but sometimes BCCs are pigmented, due to melanocyte hyperplasia. Dermatofibroma is a frequent benign fibrohistiocytic tumor, which usually manifests clinically as an elevated nodule, firm, of variable coloration (from pinkish to brownish) localized preferably in the lower extremities of young adults.

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