Handbook of Psychodermatology

by Abdul Latheef EN

The book titled “Handbook of Psychodermatology” provides an overview of clinical patterns in psychodermatology, psychoneuroimmunology, psychological and different aspect of cosmetic dermatology. Psychodermatology is the method of curing skin conditions using psychological practices. This book is a succinct model to psychodermatology for dermatologists. Psychodermatology comprises all aspects of mind and body interactions in relation to development of different skin disorders. Interest for beauty and awareness of inventive procedures has make psychodermatology increasingly important in one’s life. Evaluation of psychological eminence of patients and determining their appropriateness for such aesthetic procedures has become vital to assure a thriving and acceptable patient-doctor relationship. The book comprise of fifteen chapters that includes skin and psyche, skin, mind and beauty, case taking in psychodermatology, assessment tools and questionnaires in psychodermatology, primary psychiatric disorders—cutaneous manifestations, secondary psychiatric disorders in dermatology patients, psychophysiologic skin disorders, impact of dermatological diseases on psyche of patient family and society, drug treatment of psychodermatological conditions, psychological intervention in psychodermatological conditions-1, psychological interventions in psychodermatological conditions-2, psychology of an aesthetic patient, psychological and neuropsychiatric complications of HIV and STD, meditation—an experience beyond words, psychodermatology liaison clinic. This book serves as an essential resource in the advancement of psychodermatology.


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