Role of Physiotherapist in Obstetric and Gynecological Conditions

by Purvi K Changela

This book “Role of Physiotherapist in Obstetric and Gynecological Conditions” is an overview of dysfunctions that take place during adolescence, childbearing years, menopause and beyond in women’s life and how physiotherapy intervention would improve women’s functional independence and quality of life. The physiotherapist is recognized as an important team member with a specific role in specialized training in the assessment and treatment of a range of health conditions that can affect women’s life. The book focuses on the correlation of the physiotherapy with the medical aspect which has hardly been studied in the past. This book is intended to provide study material which will help the undergraduate and postgraduate students to widen their knowledge towards physiotherapy management in obstetric and gynecological problems. This book comprises of total 14 chapters. First chapter gives a brief overview of number of health issues in women’s lifespan which can be effectively emphasized by health care, including physiotherapy. Second chapter contains a thorough explanation of pelvic anatomy. Third chapter explains the menstrual cycle and the normal fetal development. Fourth chapter mentions diagnostic and screening tests during pregnancy with its reliability and validity. Fifth chapter includes the detailed description of the physiology of labor. Sixth chapter describes the role of the physiotherapists in women’s health. Seventh chapter highlights the role of exercises in general feeling of well-being as well as improving all aspects of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Eighth chapter discusses how to work with the various changes which occur during pregnancy. Ninth chapter shows the importance of specialty of physiotherapy in normal labor and delivery and assists in examining the baby to free from birth injury and congenital deformities. Physical therapy exercises and postpartum care are covered in the tenth chapter. Changes in ovarian hormonal levels during menopause are described in the eleventh chapter. Role of physiotherapy in gynecological conditions and gynecological surgery are covered in twelfth and thirteenth chapter. A detailed description on continence and incontinence have been presented in the last chapter of this book.


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