Surface and Radiological Anatomy with a Clinical Perspective

by Roopa Kulkarni, Ashwini C Appaji

This book discusses surface and radiological anatomy with a clinical perspective. Surface anatomy is defined as to outline the organs and important internal structures on the surface of the body. The surface anatomy is very much essential because the body cannot be opened everytime, a diagnosis of a disease needs to be done as to which organ is affected. Surface anatomy knowledge enables the clinician to assess the internal organs from the surface by clinical examination. Radiological anatomy is anatomy discipline which involves the study of anatomy through the use of radiographic films. This book consists of 14 chapters. This book covers the surface anatomy of the thorax, surface anatomy of the abdomen, surface anatomy of the head and neck, surface anatomy of the upper limb, surface anatomy of the lower limb, radiology principle, newer imaging techniques, radiology of upper limb, radiology of lower limb, radiology of thorax, radiology of abdomen and pelvis and radiology of head and neck. This book is targeted at health professional students and also clinicians. The focus here is mainly on providing surface marking and radiology of various internal organs and structures and also the surgical approach in certain situations. The book also carries the relevant applied anatomy, such as clinical findings in health and disease, various pathologies that can involve the structures, differential diagnoses, various surgical methods, etc. in separately highlighted boxes.

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Book Detail

Author Author's Affiliation
1. Kulkarni Roopa
MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru, India
MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
KVG Medical College and Hospital, Sullia, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka, India
2. Appaji Ashwini C MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
ISBN 9789386150547
Speciality Anatomy, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
DOI 10.5005/jp/books/12930
Edition 1/e
Publishing Year 2017
Pages 188
Book Type Textbook


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