Neck Dissections: Colour Atlas of Surgical Technique

by Jesus E. Medina, Nilesh R. Vasan

The removal of lymph nodes and surrounding tissue from the neck for the treatment of cancer is defined as neck dissection. The extent of tissue removal depends on many factors including, the stage of disease which reflects the extent of cancer as well as the type of cancer. This book “Neck Dissections: Colour Atlas of Surgical Technique” is a significant work, guaranteed to take a place in the top tier of all such surgical guides. The classification of the dissection is updated and several useful incisions are illustrated and described. The text is well organized and focused. Using very precise language, each of the procedures are developed step by step along with helpful technical maneuvers that can expose and preserve vital anatomic structures. The accurate artistic representations are coupled with the real operations. This coupling of the visual with the written is very useful in enhancing the reader’s comprehension of each procedure. This Atlas is divided in 11 chapters that address one type of neck dissection, beginning with a brief account of how the operation came to be, the indications for it, and then a detailed description of the surgical technique. The first three chapters deal with the classification of neck dissections, incisions, and radical neck dissection. Different types of modified radical neck dissections are covered in chapter four to six. Selective neck dissection and retropharyngeal node dissection are discussed briefly in remaining chapters.


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