Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry

by Rebecca James Perumcheril

The aim of this book is to focus on the self assessment and review of biochemistry. Biochemistry is a very vast subject with future of research, genetics, which will be overtaking the future of the medical field in time. Biochemistry comprises up to 8% in NBE exams and up to 30% in PGI exams and lots of researches and updates are coming up in this field. This book consists of 5 sections which are further divided into 18 chapters. It includes chemistry and metabolism of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, chemistry of carbohydrates, metabolism of carbohydrates, chemistry of lipids and biomembranes, metabolism of lipids, chemistry and metabolism of nucleotides, structure and organization of DNA, DNA replication, transcription, translation, regulation of gene expression, molecular biology techniques and recent advances in molecular biology, vitamins and minerals, heme metabolism and hemoglobins, TCA cycle and biological oxidation, and free radicals, xenobiotics and metabolism of alcohol. This is a concept-oriented book where you learn biochemistry and its applications. This is made in a review book style to enable you to answer questions with ease. Another aspect of it is the clinical approach which makes it easier to learn, understand and recollect.

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