Jaypee’s Nursing Drug Book 2020-21

by Dolly Dominic

Jaypee’s nursing drug book 2020-21 is one-of-a kind resource, penned down for nurses to serve as a compact and quick guide to numerous, but not limited to, familiar drugs, which a nurse may come across. Drugs book is organized into three parts: Conceptual overview, Drug monographs, and Appendices. Jaypee’s Nursing Drug Book 2020-21 is adept in bringing out a creative edge in the learning of essential pharmacological concepts along with more than 100 featured drug monographs arranged under broad systemwise classification of drugs, with the indication, age-based dosage schedule, administering instructions, contraindications, precautions, important nursing considerations and patient/family teachings, outlined in a student-friendly manner. The drug book is comprehensive, pictorial, logically organized, and easy to understand. It has been designed to support student nurses and provides them with essential pharmacological concepts and reviewing basic anatomy in pictorial form and important physiological concepts, which is a solid base for their learning.

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