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Critical Care by: Arun Kumar Paul [2005]

ISBN: 9788180615511

Edition: 1/e

This book deals with the critical care medicine and highlights the importance and need for care for patients who are mostly in life threatening conditions. These patients require attention to all organ systems and particularly cardiorespiratory dysfunction. The book is comprehensive in nature, but multifaceted in approach to cover almost all types...

Breast Ultrasound by: Ashok Khurana, Rahul Sachdev, Manjula Handa Virmani [2006]

ISBN: 9788180615993

Edition: 1/e

The book titled “Step by Step Breast Ultrasound” dicusses Breast Ultrasound, which has advanced massively in the last five years, both in quantity and quality. This book serves as a guide for all health care professionals dealing with breast imaging. The secondary imaging, which is used to further characterize all mammographic lesions, is...

Management of Equinus Foot by Ilizarov Technique by: Sureshwar Pandey, RA Agrawal, Ustiantsev Vasilli Ivanovich [2006]

ISBN: 9788180617102

Edition: 1/e

After describing the planes and biomechanics of foot, the equinus deformity and its evaluations and methods of evaluation have been described. Various techniques of Tendoachilles lengthening such as single step method, two step method, Pandey V-Y lengthening in continuity and Z-lengthening of Tendoachilles has been described. Different hard-wares...

Emergency Radiology: Helical CT in Acute Abdomen by: Ravi Kumar, Jagdish Singh, Vandana Verma Marwah, Srinivas M [2006]

ISBN: 9788180618031

Edition: 1/e

Aimed to in case the awareness of radiology-fraternity in affecting enhanced patient care. Contains 10 chapters in all written by experts of teleradiolgy solutions. Discusses in detail about helical CT in technique and protocols acute abdominal pathologies, CT in bowel obstruction and in the evaluation of intestinal volvulus, abdominal wall hernias...

Practical Electrotherapy by: Jagmohan Singh [2006]

ISBN: 9788180617416

Edition: 1/e

Utmost efforts have been made to cover all the latest advances and necessary aspects of Electrotherapy along with lots of new modalities that have been found effective for the treatment of various ailments. A fairly complete coverage of the subject describing how these modalities work and their effects upon the patient. The initial chapters lay the...

Visual Field Examination by: AK Gupta, Reena M Choudhry, Charu Tandon [2007]

ISBN: 9788184480771

Edition: 1/e

Step by Step Visual Field Examination has been written to cover this lacuna. It covers the basic anatomical and physiological aspects as related to perimetry, bedside clinical perimetry techniques like confrontation and also briefly covers Bjerrum’s screen and kinetic perimeters including Goldmann perimeter. For static perimetry both the Octopus...

Fundus Fluorescein and Indocyanine Green Angiography by: Pradeep Venkatesh, Lalit Verma, Satpal Garg, Hem K Tewari [2007]

ISBN: 9788184480870

Edition: 1/e

The book “Step by Step Fundus Fluorescein and Indocyanine Green Angiography” highlights traditional angiographic procedures for particular organ disorders. This book comprises seven chapters. Digital imaging has revolutionized Indocyanine green angiography and enhances the utilization of fluorescein angiography. Digital fluorescein and ICG...

Infertility Practice by: Sudhir R Shah, Beena N Trivedi, Dipal D Solanki, Manish R Pandya [2007]

ISBN: 9788180619861

Edition: 1/e

The book titled “Step by Step Infertility Practice” is basically penned for the gynecologist and obstetricians those who are practicing the treatment of the infertility in couples and the management of the infertile patients to help them in attaining pregnancy. This book contains 10 chapters. It gives comprehensive knowledge the basics of anatomy...

Management of Clubfoot by Ponseti Technique by: Sureshwar Pandey, RA Agrawal [2007]

ISBN: 9788184481624

Edition: 1/e

Ponseti technique of club foot management of early cases is now universally accepted. This book categorically describes the procedure of Ponseti method of management, besides describing the Biomechanics of foot, Etiopathogenesis of club foot, method of clinical examination and radiological evaluation of club foot, Dimeglio classification of club...

Caesarean Delivery by: Sadhana Gupta [2007]

ISBN: 9788184480009

Edition: 1/e

“Step by Step Caesarean Delivery” seems simple but virtually complex, as a caesarean delivery has been so close to majority of obstetrician that at first it seems a little difficult to walk on the road to caesarean, Step by Step, clearly and precisely. Caesarean section is a marvellous operation in which within few minutes a crying baby is out in...

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