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Elbow Surgery by: Nicola Maffulli, François M Kelberine, Wasim Khan [2016]

ISBN: 9781909836396

Edition: 1/e

The book \"Surgical Techniques in Sports Medicine Elbow Surgery\" explains about different surgical techniques in sports medicine. It mainly focuses on elbow surgery. It is divided into nineteen different chapters. For different abnormalities, indications, surgical preparation, surgical techniques, preoperative procedures and postoperative...

Knee Surgery: Soft Tissue (Volume 1) by: Nicola Maffulli, François M Kelberine, Henrique Jones, Tiburtius V S Klos, Jamie S McConnell [2016]

ISBN: 9781909836372

Edition: 1/e

The Surgical Techniques in Sports Medicine series is the educational flagship of European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedic Sport Traumatology (EFOST), and provides an invaluable supplement to the experience afforded by the international EFOST Travelling Fellowship. This book consists of total 19 chapters. This book comprises much...

Foot and Ankle Surgery by: Nicola Maffulli, François M Kelberine, Gian Luigi Canata, Lee Parker [2016]

ISBN: 9781909836341

Edition: 1/e

This book presents the surgical technique in sports medicine foot and ankle surgery. This book consists of 26 chapters. The first chapter deals with modified broström procedure for lateral ligament repair. Modified Broström procedure is indicated for symptomatic, recurrent lateral ankle ligament sprains. The second chapter discusses on Lateral...

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