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Radiological Differential Diagnosis by: Satish K Bhargava [2005]

ISBN: 9788180615009

Edition: 1/e

The purpose of the books is to provide concise handy and clear reference and in-depth knowledge of interpretation of various ultrasound images in terms of salient features of various disease entities so as to arrive at a correct diagnosis. This book will definitely serve as an essential so as to arrive at a correct diagnosis. This book will...

ISBN: 9788184489026

Edition: 1/e

The Differential Diagnosis in Surgical Diseases is a comprehensive guide providing the differential diagnosis of various symptoms, signs and diseases supported by investigations, in a stepwise fashion supported by flow charts and tables, for easy reading and understanding. Various diseases are covered in this book, highlighting the differential...

Differential Diagnosis in Computed Tomography by: Satish K Bhargava, Sumeet Bhargava [2012]

ISBN: 9789350258125

Edition: 2/e

Discover of computed tomography has made this modality visible impact in the field of diagnosis. In today’s practice its role is ever increasing in imaging and became an indispensable modality. The plethoras of imaging findings are seen and most of which contain a list of differential diagnosis. The stress for establishing the closest diagnosis has...

Differential Diagnosis in Ultrasound by: Satish K Bhargava, Sumeet Bhargava [2013]

ISBN: 9789350259993

Edition: 2/e

The book “Differential Diagnosis in Ultrasound” provides a concise knowledge of the differential diagnosis of a sonographic finding. Ultrasound has been helpful in evaluating clinical problems of chest wall, mediastinum, pleura, etc. Mass adjacent to pleural surface or cardiophrenic angle, unilateral diaphragmatic elevation and bilateral...

Differential Diagnosis in Surgery by: Mahmoud Sakr [2014]

ISBN: 9789350909829

Edition: 1/e

In these days when there is a tendency for ward rounds to be sometimes recitals of biochemical, radiological and endoscopic findings, the patient’s bedclothes unruffled, and the patient a silent witness, the importance of signs and symptoms cannot be overemphasized. Treatment follows diagnosis. In clinical medicine sins of omission are more common...

Differential Diagnosis in Radiology by: Satish K Bhargava, Sumeet Bhargava [2014]

ISBN: 9789351521730

Edition: 2/e

The related aspects of diseases and disorders of different parts of the body are dealt in this book. The causative agents, effects, the range of infection, diagnosis and the treatment for diseases are explained along with congenital disorders. The parts of the body covered are chest, breast, cardiovascular system, soft tissues, abdomen, gastro...

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