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Phacoemulsification by: Amar Agarwal, Athiya Agarwal, Sunita Agarwal [2007]

ISBN: 9788184480580

Edition: 1/e

The book titled “PHACOEMULSIFICATION” highlights various aspects, which are to be considered in performing a cataract surgery in a better and more efficient way. The book covers four chapters in details. The first chapter gives the idea of the phaco basics. Being an introductory chapter, the bimanual phaco/ phakonit surgery technique is explained....

Infertility Management by: Sushma Deshmukh [2008]

ISBN: 9788184482782

Edition: 1/e

Today infertility is contributing a major share amongst all. This book includes the complete review of infertility as well as important aspects of its assessment. Amongst all living creatures of universe, human is considered to be the supreme with most complicated body and mind. In between male and female, the latter is bestowed with mysterious...

Pedodontics by: Nikhil Marwah, Vijay Prabha K [2008]

ISBN: 9788184480122

Edition: 1/e

This colored Atlas of Pedodontics would be a very valuable and highly informative tool for identification of various dental anomalies, common dental disease and various dental procedures in the scope of Pedodontics. This Atlas of Pedodontics would help all dentists whether studying or practicing to understand the subject and procedures in...

History of Medicine by: RK Marya [2009]

ISBN: 9788184485417

Edition: 1/e

This book traces the development of medicine from the ancient treatments by charms and spells or going on a pilgrimage or even by a touch by the King or the Queen to the modern transplant and robotic surgery. In short, biographic sketches highlight the role of eminent physicians, each taking a small step to the modernization of medicine. Many of...

Embryology by: Roopa Kulkarni, Varsha S Mokhasi, Shailaja Shetty [2010]

ISBN: 9788184489873

Edition: 1/e

The study of embryology is very fascinating. It is divided into various chapters. The development of various organs and organ systems develop simultaneously. Therefore for descriptive purpose the book divided into four chapters. In the first chapter of human embryology, the stages of development of the individual (human being) before birth...

Computed Tomography by: Hariqbal Singh, Sushil Kachewar [2010]

ISBN: 9789350250532

Edition: 1/e

The advent of Computed Tomography (CT scan) has revolutionized the field of medicine. The CT images in this book provide a peep into a wide range of pathology. With these images in mind, it will help the residents, radiologists and the practitioners to interpret the possible diagnosis during their routine practice. It is important to correlate the...

Neonatology by: Dipak K Guha, Rashmi Guha, Ajay K Dudeja [2010]

ISBN: 9789380704821

Edition: 1/e

Gestational age is assessed by new Ballard score method. It includes various physical and neuromuscular criteria’s. Infants can be classified as small, appropriate and large for gestational age (SGA, AGA and LGA). Normal and abnormal developmental variations, physiological conditions and their evolution in newborns are important for the care...

Ophthalmic Ultrasound by: Ashok Garg, Arturo Perez Arteaga, Jose Maria Ruiz Moreno, T Mark Johnson, João J Nassaralla Jr [2010]

ISBN: 9789350250068

Edition: 1/e

The ultrasonic method is the best way to calculate the axial length and get the desired postoperative refraction before intraocular implantation. IOL power estimation formulae utilize additional preoperative biometric data of the eye, like, central anterior chamber depth (ACD), corneal diameter and the refractive error. ACD can be estimated by...

ISBN: 9789350251775

Edition: 1/e

Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Laparoscopic Surgery in Infertility and Gynecology is a unique and remarkable collection of several chapters covering every detail to include the latest technologies. It presents all major and minor laparoscopic procedures, starting from instrumentation, entry and exit technique, suturing technique,...

Diseases of the Cornea by: Samar K Basak [2011]

ISBN: 9789350252611

Edition: 1/e

This Color ATLAS covers the various common and not so common corneal diseases in ophthalmology which are faced by all level of ophthalmologists. Over 600 photographs, shot from various angles spreading over 12 chapters have been included to identify the common conditions starting from congenital anomalies to contact lens-related corneal disorders....

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