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Psychiatry for Nurses by: S Nambi [1998]

ISBN: 9788171796274

Edition: 1/e

The purpose of this book is to present a clear and concise account of the common mental health problems, their management and nursing care. The important aim is to introduce nursing students a theoretical and practical approach to the care of the mentally disturbed persons. A sincere attempt has been made to organise current practice of...

ISBN: 9788171797691

Edition: 1/e

The book "Lecture Notes in Nutrition" aims at covering some of the vital topics of food and nutrition. This book play important role of food and nutrition in the health for students of nursing and medicine. In this book a number of good and elaborate texts on the subject are available, though few cater to the specific requirements of...

ISBN: 9788171799503

Edition: 1/e

The book Essentials of Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing is divided into four units. First unit discusses the overview of neuronursing and its new challenges, provides review of anatomy and physiology of nervous system. Under this unit, nurse’s role in neurological examination, in various diagnostic procedures carried out in...

Textbook of Midwifery by: TK Indrani [2003]

ISBN: 9788180611797

Edition: 1/e

This book intends to provide a thorough knowledge right from the beginning of the career as a midwife. It describes in a lucid way the terminology used in midwifery. Besides enlisting the duties and role of midwife in general it also equips them with various actions and responsibilities to be put into practice in different stages of pre- and...

Textbook of Nursing Education by: KP Neeraja [2003]

ISBN: 9788180611681

Edition: 1/e

The book presents the varied concepts, principles and approaches that can be effectively used in nursing education. A sincere effort is made to incorporate the findings of research studies, innovative techniques of teaching applicable to the profession of nurse training in this book. The initial units focuses on the philosophy of education,...

ISBN: 9788180611209

Edition: 1/e

The purpose of bringing out Nursing Manual of Nutrition and Therapeutic Diet is to help graduate, undergraduate and nursing students in planning the diets of the patients according to their disease conditions. This is a reference book prepared especially to help the students to prepare a concise and elaborate teaching notes according to their...

Medical Surgical Nursing Specialities by: Onila Salins [2003]

ISBN: 9788180611773

Edition: 1/e

Nursing students need to keep pace with all the changes. With his/her service and education at the same time has put him/her in the dock. He/she does not find time to refer huge volumes of books, hence, this effort is done to compile the diseases related to the different part of the body into one book. Subjects covered are diseases of the eye,...

Microbiology for Nurses by: Rajesh Bhatia, Rattan Lal Ichhpujani [2003]

ISBN: 9788180611469

Edition: 2/e

Microbiology encompasses the study of microorganisms which cause infectious diseases. The ability to identify and understand these basic properties of specific microorganism is essential for everyone in the health profession especially the nurses who play a vital role in patient care. This book has been designed exclusively for the students...

Physiology for Nurses by: SM Raju, Bindu Madala [2004]

ISBN: 9788180613555

Edition: 1/e

This book is primarily intended for students of BSc (Nursing), but will also provide a good understanding of physiology as required for nursing practice and for those preparing for CGFNS and NCLEX examinations. The book is designed in a comprehensive way to cater to the needs of nursing students

Domiciliary Care in Midwifery by: TK Indrani [2004]

ISBN: 9788180612800

Edition: 1/e

Prenatal care is an uphill task as women are in a high risk sector, probably due to lack of knowledge. Today, the role of a midwife is as important as a doctor to the urban areas and the anatomy of the neonate is tender and delicate. Proper organisation in the form of the availability of concerned materials like stocking up of disposable gloves,...

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