Comparative Study of Advantages and Disadvantages of Endoscopic versus Conventional Myringoplasty—A Prospective Study

JOURNAL TITLE: An International Journal of Otorhinolaryngology Clinics

1. Dinesh Kumar
2. Shivendra P Singh
3. Abhishek K Dubey
4. Ved P Upadhyay
5. Sachin Jain
6. Himani N Singh
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Endoscope, Microscope, Myringoplasty


Aim: To study, the advantages and disadvantages of the endo- scopic verses microscopic myringoplasty and compare the results of both the technique. Materials and methods: This prospective study was conducted for period of 1 year from November 2016 to August 2017 on 44 patients who under-went myringoplasty. All the patients were divided in two groups. Group A, 26 patients were operated by endoscope technique and Group B, 18 patients were operated by microscope technique. All the patients were followed a 6-month for duration postoperatively. Results: The average postoperative change in air conduction after 6 months in Group A was 8.19 ± 4.94 dB and graft takeup rate was 92.31% where as it was in 10.11 ± 5.07 dB and graft takeup rate was 77.77% in Group B. Conclusion: Endoscope technique has several advantages like less hospital stay and cosmetically excellent as compared to microscopic technique but it could take more operating time and technically difficult. While patients satisfaction and graft take rate are better in microscopic technique but there was no difference in surgeon\'s satisfaction score.

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