Coronavirus Disease-2019 or the End of a Happy Globalization

JOURNAL TITLE: Donald School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology

1. Selma Porovic
2. Ghalia Gaber
3. Vjeko Vacek
Publishing Year
Author Affiliations
    1. Public Health Center of Sarajevo Canton, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    2. Public Health Center of the Sarajevo Canton, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    1. Ian Donald School of Ultrasound in Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia
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    Recent catastrophic consequences of coronavirus pandemic stimulate some deeper analysis of present level of globalization, particularly connected with public health problems. One definition of globalization may be that it is the integration of capital, technology, and information across national borders in a way that is creating a single global market and, to some degree, a global village. Besides economic, it includes many different processes such as development of communications systems, the increase in human mobility, the integration of trade and investment across boundaries, the spread of democracy and human rights, the increasing role of nongovernmental organizations in international politics, the growing concern about global epidemics, and ecological matters such as climate change that are happening at the same time and in many cases reinforcing one another. Up till now, in June 2020, there have been over 20,000 published scientific papers on Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19), which is an unprecedented level of interest in any topic in the entire history of science. Besides the described effect of remdesivir on reducing the length of the illness and the announced research on the effect of dexamethasone on reducing the mortality rate, science has not offered any other news on medication effectiveness so far. After the vaccine's effectiveness in developing antibodies and protecting from COVID-19 is proven, then its safety will need to be proven. Vaccines have to be harmless and their only effect on the organism should be the developing of permanent immunity to the novel coronavirus. However, never have we in history, as humanity, had planned to simultaneously vaccinate 4 or 5 billion people. Most of us welcomed positive globalization process, but with the recent pandemic of corona disease, we are introducing negative part of globalization with many unpredictable developments. Indeed, globalization is both inevitable and usually desirable and contains advantageous and disadvantageous issues. It is a source of both hope and of apprehension and is an accelerating process in flow of information, technology, goods and services, and production means. Globalization has a complex influence on perinatal health. The bonds that link perinatologists together transcend geographic, political, religious, and lingual differences, resulting in a globalization that optimizes perinatal care.

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