Evaluation of CRAFT as a Tool for Caries Risk Assessment in 3- to 6-year-old Children and its Validation against Alban\'s Test: A Pilot Study

JOURNAL TITLE: International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry

1. Ashwin Jawdekar
2. Jagruti H Thakur
3. HN Subhadra
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Alban\'s test, Caries risk assessment, Caries risk assessment for treatment, Early childhood caries


Introduction: Dental caries is a multifactorial disease and a dynamic process that can be prevented and reversed during the early stage. Risk assessment is an important step in decision-making and treatment planning. There are no valid tools available for the Indian population. Caries risk assessment for treatment (CRAFT) is a chairside tool for caries risk assessment and management. Valid, reliable, economical, and chairside caries risk assessment tool is the need of the hour for general and pediatric dentists. Aim: To evaluate CRAFT as a tool for caries risk prediction among 3-years to 6-years-old children and to validate it against Alban test. Materials and methods: A pilot study was conducted, including forty 3-years to 6-years-old children. Salivary samples were collected and inoculated on B.C.G.-Dextrose Agar. Caries activity was assessed using Alban test. Their parents/guardians completed the CRAFT assessment in entirety. Results: The data were tabulated and subjected to suitable statistical analysis. High positive correlation between CRAFT scores and Alban\'s test (Spearman\'s Rho = 0.874) was found. Conclusion: CRAFT scores were highly correlated with Alban scores in 3- to 6-year-old children. CRAFT could be successfully employed as a reliable, economical, chairside, and clinically feasible risk assessment tool with further research on a larger sample size. Clinical significance: CRAFT can provide a framework for the clinician for preventive care and enhance patient–participation for CRA.

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