Age Estimation in Mixed-dentition Children, Using Cameriere\'s European Formula and Demirjian\'s Method: A Comparative Pilot Study

JOURNAL TITLE: The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice

1. Rathna Valluri
2. Kranti Kiran Reddy Ealla
3. Chintala Lalitha
4. Yash Jain
5. Raghunath Dantu
6. Parappa Sajjan
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Age estimation, Cameriere\'s European formula, Demirjian\'s method, Dental age, Forensic dentistry, Orthopantomograph, Radiographic age estimation


Aim: The objective of the present investigation is to compare the accuracy of two methods of age estimation, Cameriere\'s European formula and Demirjian\'s method, in estimating the age of mixed-dentition children in Telangana. Materials and methods: Digital orthopantomographs (OPGs) of 36 children between the age of 7 years and 12 years were subject to analysis. All the OPGs were analyzed for dental age using both Cameriere\'s and Demirjian\'s methods for mixed dentition. Chronological age was calculated by subtracting the date of births from the date on which the OPGs were taken. Statistical analysis: descriptive analysis was performed. The accuracies of both the methods (Cameriere\'s and Demirjian\'s) were evaluated by calculating the mean prediction error. Wilcoxon signed-rank test was performed for both methods of dental age estimation with chronological age and for boys and girls. Significance threshold was set at 5%. Results: Cameriere method resulted in a mean prediction error of 0.579 for girls and 0.483 for boys. Demirjian\'s method resulted in a mean prediction error of 2.228 for girls and 2.046 for boys. Conclusion: In conclusion, as far as accuracy is concerned, Cameriere\'s European formula proved to be more accurate, according to the current investigation. Significance: The significance of age estimation is reflected in various fields such as pediatric endocrinology, orthodontics, law, anthropology, archeology, and forensics where identification of unascertained human bodies is required (crime investigations, mass disasters). Demirjian\'s method is commonly employed for dental age estimation in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and forensic dentistry. Cameriere\'s method may serve as a more accurate and reliable method for dental age estimation.

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