Dietary and Lifestyle Modifications among Diabetic Patients at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Delhi: A Cross-sectional Study

JOURNAL TITLE: Journal of Medical Academics

1. Gurmeet Kaur
2. Rajesh Vaidya
3. Jyotismita Pathak
4. Ashok Maan
5. Priya Arora
6. Abhimanyu Kumar
7. Garima Monga
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Awareness, Diabetes, Dietary Habits, Lifestyle modifications, Physical activity, Urbanization


Background: Modern lifestyle changes combined with urbanization has led to increased prevalence of diabetes. To decrease the morbidity, mortality, and the complications of diabetes, comprehension of diet and physical exercise is a must. Objectives: To assess the degree of awareness of diet, physical exercise, and lifestyle modifications among type 2 diabetics among the urban population of Delhi. Materials and methods: The study was conducted using a pretested questionnaire among 100 type 2 diabetic patients attending the medicine outpatient department of a Tertiary Care Hospital, Delhi. Baseline parameters of the study participants were expounded and their awareness and practice regarding the lifestyle modifications were assessed. Results: The mean age of the study population was found to be 50 ± 9.64. An estimated 74% were well aware of foods to be eluded; 54% were familiar with the quantity of food in food plate. The awareness of lifestyle modifications was good among 29% and practice was followed by 15% of diabetic patients. Conclusion: Despite the clear attitudes of type 2 diabetes patients towards dietary pattern and healthy lifestyle modifications, the lifestyle awareness and practices were poor among the study group.

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