Seasonal Epidemic of Swine Flu: Role of Hospital Administration in Preparedness

JOURNAL TITLE: Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Education and Research

1. Sonali Shamdasani
2. Aditi Mehra
3. Ravi Gupta
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Comorbidity, Demographic profile, Hospital administration, Mechanical ventilation, Outcome, Swine flu


Aim: To analyze the trend of swine flu disease and the demographic details of the category C swine flu patients admitted in a tertiary care hospital and assess their outcome. Based on this, we want to define the role of hospital administrators in planning for management of swine flu epidemic. Materials and methods: Record based retrospective analysis of confirmed cases of swine flu infection from January, 2016 to February, 2019 was done. The trend of disease during the study period and the demographic details of the confirmed cases in category C were assessed to analyze the variables that could affect the outcome of the disease. Results: Among 466 suspected cases, 29.4% (n = 137) were positive for swine flu infection. The trend of the disease over the study period was variable. A total of 118 patients (86.1%) were of category C. Amongst category C, maximum cases and mortalities were in age-group 21–60 years (p < 0.001). The occurrence and mortality of disease (p = 0.098, p = 0.249 respectively) was almost equal among both genders. Around 43.2% category C patients required mechanical ventilation and 56.8% required oxygen therapy. The mortality was very high amongst category C patients on mechanical ventilation (94.1%). No association was observed between comorbidity and mortality. Conclusion: By knowing the trend of disease and the outcome, planning can be done to effectively manage swine flu epidemic in terms of infrastructure, manpower and other resources. Thus, the hospital administrators play pivotal role. Clinical significance: The study will help the hospital administrators to understand the variable trend of disease and demographic profile planning for management of swine flu epidemic.

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