Role of Orthopantomogram as an Ancillary to Lateral Cephalogram in Diagnosis of Vertical Malocclusions: A Comparative Study

JOURNAL TITLE: World Journal of Dentistry

1. Jasbir Meher
2. Sonika Dash
3. Bhagabati P Dash
4. Samarendra Dash
5. Pritam Mohanty
6. Vidya Bhushan
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Deep bite, Lateral cephalogram, Open bite, Orthopantomogram


Aim: Vertical malocclusion is an important and commonly seen anomaly of the craniofacial complex. The aim of the present study was to evaluate and compare the efficiency of the orthopantomogram (OPG) over the lateral cephalogram. Materials and methods: A total of 60 radiographs were collected from patients. Independent reference planes were set up in the maxilla and the mandible. The inclusion criteria of the study involved subjects in the age group of 20–25 years, class I skeletal and dental relationship with an overjet, and overbite in the range of 2–4 mm with an orthognathic profile. Exclusion criteria involved crowding, asymmetry, or spacing along with no history of prior orthodontic or surgical treatment. Mean values were evaluated using the z test. The statistical analysis was performed by using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Results: Significant values were obtained for effective length of ramus, effective length of corpus, effective height of corpus, interocclusal distance, panoramic alternative of gonial angle (PGOA), panoramic alternative condylar inclination (PCOI), panoramic alternative of mandibular plane angle (PMPA), and maxillary occlusal angle. Conclusion: On completion of our study, we can conclude that the OPG can be used in the assessment of vertical malocclusion quantitatively. Clinical significance: Less radiation exposure and easy availability of OPGs will be useful clinically.

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