Comparison of Pain Perception and Latency with Alkalinization of 2% Lidocaine Using 8.4% Sodium Bicarbonate: A Randomized Controlled Study

JOURNAL TITLE: World Journal of Dentistry

1. Gali Nagarjuna
2. Kocherlakota S Dwijendra
3. Karna Anusha
4. Zafaerah Sultana
5. Tapaswi Singh
6. Vallala Pranitha
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Alkalinization, Inferior alveolar nerve block, Local anesthesia, Pain management, Sodium bicarbonate


Aims: Local anesthesia (LA) administration is a prerequisite for pain reduction but ironically becomes a source of pain and anxiety in children. The purpose of the study was to compare the latency and pain perception of alkalinized and nonalkalinized LA with adrenaline (1:80,000) by using 8.4% sodium bicarbonate. Materials and methods: After obtaining the ethical clearance, 40 participants fulfilling the inclusion criteria were included and divided into two groups, namely, those who received alkalinized LA on the first appointment and those who received nonalkalinized LA 1 week later in the second appointment. Pain reaction on deposition of solution was quantified by visual analog scale (VAS). Results: Statistical analysis was done using SPSS 25, Chi-square test for pain perception. An independent samples t test was used to measure the latency time period. The mean latency time in alkalinized group was 118.9 seconds, while that for the nonalkalinized group was found to be 132.3 seconds, with a mean difference of 13.4 seconds between the two groups (p = 0.43). Conclusion: Alkalinization hastens the onset of analgesia and reduces pain on injecting, making the alkalinized local anesthetic apt for cases with localized infection. Clinical significance: Successful dental treatment outcomes demand efficient pain management which otherwise may lead to avoidance of dental care in children.

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