An Introduction to Medical Biophysics Parveen Parkash
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fm1An Introduction to Medical Biophysics
fm2An Introduction to Medical Biophysics
Parveen Parkash BSc (Hons) MSc(Hons) JD PhD Formerly Senior Lecturer, Biophysics Government Medical College, Chandigarh
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An Introduction to Medical Biophysics
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This book primarily intends to provide medical students and physicians a readable introduction to the concept of biophysics rather than to make a biophysicists out of them. In medical field, biophysics entails different things to different people. But this book contains a subject matter which by and large has been accepted as an undisputed part of medical biophysics. Long back, AV Hill, a Noble Prize winner defined biophysics as: ‘the study of biological function, organization, and structure by physical and physicochemical ideas and methods’. By now the contents of biophysics have substantially crystallized and taken a definite form and shape. The contents profiled within the covers of this book are based on the recent recommendations of Medical Council of India and syllabi of Institute of Medical Colleges where biophysics is taught as a separate subject to the 1st year MBBS students. In this introductory book efforts have been made to make subject palatable for medical students by cutting down unnecessary derivations, equations and formulae as they often. Lead to more confusion than enlightenment. Math is used only where essential’ and priority is given to the development of intuitive understanding. The ideas developed in this book are illuminated and augmented by over one hundred and fifty self explanatory illustrations and tables. In addition, for the convenience of students every chapter has been divided into number of sections having appropriate titles and subtitles. It is hoped through this book students will gently and quickly grasp the essential features of this subject.
We are now entering into an academic era in which medical education is undergoing a drastic changes. Old curricula are being redesigned and new curricula are being formulated. But for the reasons unknown there is lot of reluctance and resistance for the acceptance of biophysics in medical curricula inspite of recommendations of Medical Council of India. Generally, clinicians feel that biophysics is full of hypothesis, formulae, and equations which have no direct applications in medical practice. On the other hand I believe, that the latest understanding of body functioning through the knowledge of biophysics and biochemistry illuminates medical practice and makes fm6it less arbitrary and more exciting. Now biophysics has been included in the list of compulsory basic subjects whose evaluation is made during MD/MS entrance test at all India level. This book will provide essential material to these aspirants. Apart from this, students doing graduation in Human biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Nursing, Pharmacy and Medical technology etc. will also find this book useful. I am grateful to those colleagues whose stimulating discussion have clarified certain vague points to me. This has helped me a lot during the course of writing this book. Finally, I hope that the readers of this book will not hesitate to help me with their suggestions for improvements and corrections for the next edition.
Parveen Parkash