Atlas of Breast Imaging Col. CS Pant
Chapter Notes

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Over the years, encouraged by appreciable decrease in morbidity and mortality in breast cancer, X-ray mammography has become extremely popular world over and is gaining popularity in this country also, therefore, it is imperative for practising Radiologist to have good understanding of the subject of X-ray Mammography and Ultrasonomammography.
  • Patient is asked to avoid using perfume and powder which besides creating artifacts also results in blurring of the image.
  • Needless to say that one should be using only dedicated equipment having facility of compression plates with film screen and moving grid facility.
  • Patient preferably should be examined after her periods which not only gives better compliance but also rules out any pregnancy thus avoiding the risk of radiation to the developing embryo.
  • It is also important to have a automatic processor for giving uniform results.
  • Patient should be explained the procedure and should be explained about the benefits of compression, not only the compression provides better picture quality but also reduces the radiation dose to the glandular tissue. It also helps in reducing motion artifacts. In our practice we have observed that if patient is explained the procedure the results are satisfying.
  • The technician should be trained to examine the patient thoroughly and should alert the Radiologist if the clinically felt lump is not appreciated on mammogram.
  • It is important to have a proforma (Annexure-I) which gives details of the patient's history and reasons for mammography, if the reason stated is lump and if the mammogram is normal, the Radiologist must examine the patient, and if he/she feels the lump than US correlation must be done to ascertain the nature of the lump.
  • It is good practice to clean the examination region with towel/tissue to avoid any artifacts. Last but not the least it is of paramount importance that each mammogram should be evaluated with the help of magnifying lense, the view box must have bright light with sorrounding dim lights.