The Hospital Administrator MA George
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1The Hospital Administrator
2The Hospital Administrator
MA George MBBS MNAMS SDMC PGDMLS Medical Director and Hospital Administrator Don Bosco Hospital Ernakulum and Hospital Administration Consultant Catholic Hospital Association of India
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The Hospital Administrator
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When I did my postgraduation in hospital administration in 1971, there were no standard books on the subject by Indian authors. So considerable details discussed, were not relevant to the situation, as it existed in India. This has been remedied now to a large extent by excellent books written by Indian doctors, who have qualification and experience in the subject. With the advent of medical publishers like Jaypee Brothers, many such books have been made available to students, and practitioners of hospital administration.
While reading these books, I felt that the authors had dealt too extensively on general management, probably because, hospital administration was based on principles of general management. But then surgery is based on anatomy, but surgical books do not have chapters on it, even surgical anatomy. Moreover, when reading these books, I had an uneasy feeling that considerable material in them was theoretical, possibly because the authors were teachers, and had limited experience in actually administering hospitals.
Being a medical graduate for more than 50 years, a postgraduate in hospital administration, and having administered hospitals from 50 to 1200 beds, I felt a more concise book, stressing the practical aspect of the profession, is required. This book is to achieve it.
I have no claim that this book is totally original. I have relied heavily on material gathered from various books and journals. But considerable material is from my own experience of more than 30 years as a hospital administrator both in war and peace.
I have grouped the subjects as it exists in a modern private hospital. Unfortunately government hospitals are far removed from hospital administration, even now. While collecting and collating material, there may be inadvertent mistakes. I take full responsibility for them.
Brigadier (Retd) MA George