Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Venereal Diseases) Virendra N Sehgal
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1Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Venereal Diseases)2
3Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Venereal Diseases)
4th Edition
Virendra N Sehgal MD FNASc FAMS FRAS (London) Consultant Dermato-venereologist Former Director-Professor and Head Department of Dermatology and Venereology Maulana Azad Medical College and Associated Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Hospital, New Delhi Principal/Medical Superintendent/Director-Professor Dermatology and Venereology Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi Director-Professor Dermatology/Venereology/Medical Superintendent University College of Medical Sciences and Associated Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital Delhi
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Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Venereal Diseases)
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First Edition: 1978
Second Edition: 1987
Third Edition: 1993
Fourth Edition: 2003
Publishing Director: RK Yadav
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5Preface to the Fourth Edition
Inspired by the success of third and preceding (first and second) editions, the current edition has been updated to meet the changing scenario of the millennium. The cardinal clinical features of the sexually transmitted diseases have been projected in the table so as to form the impression at a glance. Similarly, they are aptly illustrated through black and white and selected colored photographs. The newer methods for diagnosis have been added in the present text as well as in the form of appendices. A substantial update in the management of these diseases has been effected; centre for disease control (CDC) has come in handy for the purpose. Besides, several chapters namely Non-gonococcal Urethritis, Reiter's Disease, Pelvic Inflammatory disease, Herpes Genitalis, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome and Behcet's Disease have been included, in order to make the text complete and comprehensive. Furthermore, the onus of controlling HIV and AIDS has prompted to incorporate Syndromic (Symptomatic) Approach in addition. Beautiful and depictive flow charts covering the commonly presenting facets namely urethral and vaginal discharge, genital ulcers and inguinal bubo have been incorporated. In order to facilitate their instant management the outline of the requisite treatment are provided. This facets may ensure the effective prevention and control not only of STD but also of HIV and AIDS. Accordingly, the size of the book has increased. However, the objective of providing succinct and/or precise details of each aspect of the disease has not been compromised.
It is a privilege to do a job which may hopefully meet the requirements of the under-and postgraduates and also serve as a ready ‘reckoner’ for the practitioners as well. Those interested in research may also be benefited.
Virendra N Sehgal6
7Preface to the First Edition
The book is based on the didactic lectures and clinical demonstrations on venereal diseases, which the author has been giving to undergraduates and also to postgraduate students. The contents of the text conform to the curriculum for undergraduates of different universities. It is concise, succinct, and aptly illustrated. Emphasis has, however, been placed on the classic clinical features of common venereal diseases. Essentials of diagnostic procedures, the treatment, and also follow-up have been clearly outlined. The present challenges of these diseases are described under epidemiology, while their control status, and prospective planning for prevention is delineated separately. The book is written primarily for the students; it is hoped, however, that it may be useful also to the practising physicians, for venereal diseases are sparingly described in books of medicine.
Virendra N Sehgal