Domiciliary Care in Midwifery TK Indrani
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1Domiciliary Care in Midwifery
2Domiciliary Care in Midwifery
TK Indrani
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Domiciliary Care in Midwifery
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Prenatal care is an uphill task, as women are in a high risk sector, probably due to lack of knowledge. In rural areas, the role of a midwife is as important as a doctor to the urban areas. Apart from the above the anatomy of the neonate is tender and delicate.
Proper organisation in the form of the availability of concerned materials like stocking up of disposable gloves, sterile gauges and other necessary materials would help a midwife in handling a delivery. Participation and coordination inbetween the expectant mother and the midwife is of great importance because it helps in the awareness of care and precision to partake. Coordinating from the predelivery to the post-delivery helps in creating a ‘Healthy World’ between the mother and the neonate.
This book will serve as a ready reference for people who wish to seek information based knowledge. It is a must for primary health centres, nonprofit organisations and for social service organisations who wish to promote a healthy world.
TK Indrani