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3rd Edition
Based on
Tripathi's Essentials of Medical Pharmacology
Fifth Edition
K.D. TRIPATHI MD Ex-Director-Professor of Pharmacology Maulana Azad Medical College and associated L.N. and G.B. Pant Hospitals New Delhi
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Jitendar P Vij
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MCQs in Pharmacology
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First Edition: 1996
Second Edition: 2000
Reprint: 2002
Third Edition: 2004
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Because of their reliability and objective nature the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are widely used in entrance tests, competitive examinations and at some places in certifying examinations. However, MCQ items have been criticized mostly for their lack of relevance to the core or essential learning objectives, because they mostly tend to emphasize on the rare or the unusual. It is therefore of utmost importance to induct MCQ items which test knowledge, understanding and application ability of the student in relevant areas. This book attempts to introduce a series of MCQs in Pharmacology and Therapeutics in topics which cover important learning objectives.
MCQs are also an important method of self study and self assessment. An overwhelming amount of detailed information about an ever increasing number of drugs is now available. A mental exercise in the considerations that underlie choice of one drug over the other in specific situations has to be practised. Solving MCQs could help crystallization and assimilation of the fundamental Pharmacological principles as well as factual information about drugs needed for their safe and effective use. This purpose is best served if the MCQs relate to the text that the student has been using for study.
With the above objectives, a MCQs book based on the 3rd edition of the textbook ‘Essentials of Medical Pharmacology’ written by me was published in 1996. This was enlarged and improved in the year 2000 based on the 4th edition of the textbook. The success 6of the earlier two editions of the MCQs book in achieving its objectives has encouraged undertaking a similar endeavour based on the revised and updated 5th edition (2003) of the textbook. In preparing this edition, all earlier MCQ items were reconsidered in the light of new knowledge as well as changed therapeutic scenario, and suitably modified/improved or deleted. About 300 new MCQ items have been added. However, all items are of the most popular ‘one best response’ type and the format has not been changed. The MCQs are numbered chapterwise and the page number of the book which provides answer to the subject matter of the MCQ item is given after each item for quick reference. It is advised that after studying a chapter, the student answers the MCQs and then finds out for himself what all he has learnt correctly, what he missed, and what has been understood incorrectly. Used in this manner the present book will facilitate acquisition of relevant and clear-cut knowledge about drugs.
I am thankful to my colleagues and many users of the previous MCQs book for constructive criticism and useful suggestions. The motivating influence of Mr. Jitendar P Vij and the meticulous preparation of the manuscript by the editorial staff of Jaypee Brothers is gratefully appreciated.
1st May 2004
KD Tripathi