Manual of Ophthalmic Diagnosis E Ahmed
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1Manual of Ophthalmic Diagnosis2
3Manual of Ophthalmic Diagnosis
E Ahmed MS DO Formerly Head Department of Ophthalmology Calcutta National Medical College Consultant Eye Care and Research Centre Kolkata
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Manual of Ophthalmic Diagnosis
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to my parents
Comprehensive textbooks with exhaustive details and bibliography, sometimes comprising of volumes varying between two to fifteen are available. But a small manual covering current knowledge and summarized details of clinical ophthalmology is of immense value to residents, ophthalmologists—in-training, postgraduates and practising ophthalmologists is extremely useful for day-to-day clinical work. With this view in mind the author embarks on preparing the present small but compact volume. After a brief grounding in essential anatomy provided only with a suitable illustration as and when necessary, causes, salient clinical characteristics, differential diagnosis and investigastion-strategy have been described following a definite format. As many as possible coloured, black and white photographs and diagrams are incorporated. A selected list of textbooks and journals have been added from where the author has collected materials. An exhaustive index has been prepared by the author.
I gratefully knowledge the help and support from the publisher, M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi. I am indebted to Shri JP Vij, Chairman and Managing Director as well as to Mr Tarun Duneja, GM (Publishing) who extended valuable support to prepare the book. My sincere thanks are due to Mr Sandip Gupta of Kolkata branch of Jaypee Brothers for immense help.
Finally, I express my heartfelt thanks to my family members for their unending patience and moral support throughout the fulfilment of the task of preparation of this volume.
E Ahmed
I express my sincere thanks to Prof Ranabir Mukherjee, Director, Eye Care and Research Centre, Kolkata for constant encouragement during preparation of the present work. I am thankful to my younger colleagues and my son, Dr Imtiaz Ahmed for their help while preparing this work. I owe a debt of gratitude to Implant House Diagnostic and Laser Centre, Kolkata and Dr SK Biswas for many colour illustrations. Special thanks are due to Mr RN Sen of Eye Care and Research Centre, Kolkata; M/s Allergan India, Centaur, Appasamy Associates and Novartis for a number of colour illustrations.
I gratefully acknowledge many authors, editors and publishers of textbooks whose works I freely consulted. In a few occasions I borrowed some photographs whose source I could not trace; and I owe a blanket acknowledgement to each one of them.