Fundamentals of Oral Medicine and Radiology Durgesh N Bailoor, KS Nagesh
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1Fundamentals of Oral Medicine and Radiology
3Fundamentals of Oral Medicine and Radiology
Editors Durgesh N Bailoor MDS (Bombay) M Phil (West Indies) Vice Principal (PG Studies) Professor and Head of Oral Medicine and Radiology Yenepoya Dental College and Hospital Mangalore KS Nagesh MDS (Bangalore) Dean Professor and Head of Oral Medicine and Radiology RV Dental College, Jayanagar Bangalore
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Fundamentals of Oral Medicine and Radiology
© 2005, Durgesh N Bailoor, KS Nagesh
All rights reserved. No part of this publication should be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the editors and the publisher.
First Edition: 2005
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Our heart felt gratitude to the contributing authors whose rich experience and Indian relevance has gone into the chapters. We welcome several new contributors, authors both senior and junior in this edition.
Our families have borne the neglect and moodiness which goes with doing any work of this magnitude, to them we are eternally grateful. The staff of department of Oral medicine of RV Dental College, Bangalore and of Department of Yenepoya Dental College and Hospital, Mangalore are both saluted for their contribution and help.
The postgraduates of the Yenepoya Dental College and Hospital, Dept of Oral Medicine and Radiology Prasanna Kumar, Nillofer Shabnam, Beena Kumari, Omal PM, Ajay Nayak, Kiran K, Sham Kishore and Phillips Mathew. All have contributed their time and energies in proofreading and cross verifying references. Our thanks to them for their dedication.
Our thanks to Prasanna Kumar who has contributed to various line diagrams and Prof Akhter Husain and Yasser who have helped creatively in the cover design.
We have learned at the feet of our venerable teachers, we have understood things better because our BDS and MDS students enlightened us with their discussions and queries. Many ideas that are claimed to be ours are really the vision that we saw by standing on the shoulders of the giants of oral medicine and radiology.
The mistakes that will inevitably creep in are our responsibility alone; please point them out to us, so we can improve the next edition.
It gives me great pleasure to write a foreword to this book
Fundamentals of Oral Medicine and Radiology, 3rd edition’ edited by two senior professors Dr Durgesh Bailoor and Dr K S Nagesh in the field of Oral Medicine and Radiology.
This book is the first multi-authored textbook in the subject of Oral Medicine and Radiology published by Indian authors. A total of thirty-eight professionals from multidisciplinary areas have contributed and done peer review. A lot of Indian statistics and references makes this a relevant text for students of all categories and the practicing dentist. Flow charts, diagrams and clinical pictures enhance the teaching potential of this book.
Editors of this text are one of the first to introduce concepts in oral psychosomatic medicine, computers in oral diagnosis and the use of complementary and alternative medicine systems in this field. The textbook also emphasises the need to understand principles and role of radiotherapy in management of oral cancer.
The emerging areas of CT, MRI AND SPECT scan are slowly moving from expensive to commonplace investigations. The digital revolution and the worldwide web have made knowledge dissemination instantaneous and accurate and its importance is highlighted to the student of this subject.
We are seeing a plethora of Indian authors bringing out learned tomes for our next generation to follow. This healthy trend is catalyzed by Indian publishers like M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, who are bringing the innovative technologies in printing and publishing to the students and doctors of health care.
This book is an excellent contribution to our scientific literature in Indian scenario thereby facilitating our students to understand the diseases pattern that exist in developing country like ours.
Prof BH Sripathi Rao
Principal, Yenepoya Dental College, Mangalore
Executive Member of Dental Council of India, New Delhi
It is with a great sense of satisfaction that we present this edition to the new generation of dental students and practitioners. We have updated all the references to the latest possible and tried to present a median view wherever two schools of thought have clashed.
As far as possible, the relevance of dental medicine knowledge, as required by the dentists of the developing world is kept in mind. Indian research and Epidemiology has been quoted where available.
The concepts of oral psychosomatic medicine, computers in dental practice, radiotherapy for oral cancer and alternative therapies in the oral diseases have been presented in this book for the first time. It is with great pride we state that this book is in its third edition, now with Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. First was in 1994 and the second edition in 2001. It remains till date the first multi-authored peer reviewed book for practicing doctors ever published in India in this specialty.
Our contributing authors have ranged from oldies, like principals and vice-principals to young turks like the recently passed postgraduates with new and bubbling ideas of the cyber and robotics age. This healthy mix we feel will nurture the growing dental mind better.
We salute our teachers for guiding us and thank the students for being catalysts in our quest for wisdom.
We thank our families for putting up with our temper tantrums during the arduous journey in production of this manuscript.
Durgesh N Bailoor
KS Nagesh12