Clinical Anesthesia Arun Kumar Paul
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1Clinical Anaesthesia
2Clinical Anaesthesia
Arun Kumar Paul BSc MBBS DA MS (Anaesth) Formerly Professor of Anaesthesiology Medical College and Hospitals Kolkata
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Clinical Anaesthesia
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First Edition: 2006
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This book is dedicated to
my loving wife Kanyakumari and daughter Sushmita
My object in presenting this book is to provide the students of anaesthesiology and practising anaesthetists with a workable outline of clinical anaesthetic management of common surgical problems. Most students of anaesthesiology have felt the necessity for a brief, concise, readable but comprehensive book on clinical anaesthesia which will help particularly in tackling the long and short cases encountered in their postgraduate diploma and degree examinations. The popular textbooks on anaesthesiology are usually voluminous and mostly designed as reference books and many times it becomes difficult for the common students to grasp the cleancut practical learning out of them. Practising anaesthetists are also reluctant to read the bulky and highly theoretical books. This present volume is my modest attempt to provide a useful practical guide book on anaesthetic care with a rational approach to clinical anaesthetic management. The subject is dealt as simply as possible, minimising the excessive details, redundancy and verbosity, to make the book easily manageable and readable by all concerned.
Materials have been drawn freely from the books indicated in bibliography. I intend to express my indebtedness and appreciation to their authors and publishers. The drug doses and other data have been largely taken from standard textbooks. Inspite of our best efforts, it is possible that some error may have crept in. The readers are strongly urged to consult the product manual and drug literature of the manufacturers before using them.
I am grateful to all my students and readers of the previous editions who have encouraged and stimulated me to bring out this new edition. The present volume is extensively revised and updated in the light of present knowledge.6
I am thankful to Shri Jitendar P Vij, Chairman and Managing Director of Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd. for his immense help and active cooperation to publish the book.
I sincerely hope that the present volume will fulfil its objectives and be suited ideally to the students of anaesthesiology and practising anaesthetists.
Arun Kumar Paul