Textbook of Growth and Development for Nursing Students KP Neeraja
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FM1Textbook of Growth and Development for Nursing Students
FM2Textbook of Growth and Development for Nursing Students
KP Neeraja MSc(N) MA(Socio) BPR PhD Vice Principal Navodaya College of Nursing Raichur 584103 Karnataka
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Textbook of Growth and Development for Nursing Students
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Sri VVS Chetty and Dr KP Sailaja my parental icon and to younger generation of my family
The broadening scope of ‘Child Health Nursing Practice in Nursing profession’ and the appreciation of the importance of ‘Growth and Development’ as a major and broader discipline with a corresponding stress on its teaching, Indian Nursing Council (INC) has laid down the curriculum in child health nursing to serve as a guideline for training of graduate and postgraduate nurses. All the areas of growth and development as well as the syllabi and course content of undergraduate and post-graduate nursing courses of various health universities in child health nursing have been given weightage in designing this volume. The text is indeed, a result of the creative process, for which there were many seed ideas, consultations and discussions with experts in related fields. The facts stated in this book would help channelise the experiences in the right direction. Innovative challenge has been taken up by adopting Growth and Development as a separate entity, covering all developmental aspects right from ‘conception to old age.’ It is designed to present the content of various disciplines comprehensively. This book is helpful for a curriculum in which concepts of child care have been integrated. It promotes a sensitive, holistic outlook on nursing practice. The need for a suitable text for ‘Growth and Development’ has prompted for the emergence of this text, I am confident that, this book will serve the nursing students’ needs, especially at the right time.
The student is expected to have a comprehensive and efficient knowledge related to growth and development, however, at some places repetition has become necessary to maintain the continuity and to bring clarity. Details have been maximized and language made simpler and easier so as to meet the requirement of the nursing students. I hope this book will serve as an ideal textbook for the teachers to teach, as well as for the learners to develop comprehensive and efficient knowledge on growth and development. I made sincere and hard effort to bring out this book in understandable and applicable for professionals to practice child health nursing in clinical areas. Constructive criticisms and suggestions are solicited on my e-mail ID: kpn21@indiatimes.com
KP Neeraja
I am thankful to ‘The Almighty’, who strengthen me by helping me in each and every second in all my deeds by showering His blessings abundantly through various resources, which helped me in the accomplishment of all the tasks in my life.
It is not possible for an individual to carry out any venture all alone, I wish to place a sense of gratitude to all those, who helped me directly or indirectly in fulfilling my long-term desire.
My sincere thanks are due to Dr. Sanjeeva Chetty, Dr. K. Sreenivasa Reddy, Dr. K. P. Sailaja and Sri Ashok Navale, experts in related fields in clarifying and suggested guidelines for certain topics.
My heartfelt thanks are due to my ‘beloved son’ Chi. V. Balasubramanyam and my brother-in-law Sri VVS Chetty who helped me in taking photos, which are vital in the present volume. I am extremely thankful to my family members for their constant enthusiastic support, encouragement, suggestions, contribution and criticism for implanting a sense of excitement while working on this venture right from conception to completion.
My appreciation and immense pleasure are extended to the children, who participated actively in photo session and my thanks are due to my colleagues for their cooperation in gathering some related material.
My sincere gratitude is due to staff of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, Delhi and Bangalore Branch (specially to Mr Ravikumar, Sales Executive) for inspiring me to take up and complete the project within stipulated time and given me opportunity for authoring the book.