Root Canal Treatment Vivek Hegde, Gurkeerat Singh
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Vivek Hegde MDS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics) Professor and Head Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics MA Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre, Pune Gurkeerat Singh MDS (Ortho) M Orth (Intercolligate) Professor and Head Sudha Rustagi College of Dental Sciences and Research Faridabad
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Step by Step Root Canal Treatment
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The dental profession has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. This is not only seen by the emergence of newer technologies and better treatment capabilities but is also reflected by the increased awareness about dental health by the common man. The biggest change that we see today is the patients ‘demand’ to save the most painful of teeth. The only cure in 90 percent of such cases exists by the use of root canal treatment procedures.
The handbook Step by Step Root Canal Treatment is a gallant attempt by two young authors to simplify and yet present in a stepwise manner the routine diagnostic as well as biomechanical procedure involved in treating canal infected tooth. The book is well illustrated and I think would act as a ready reference guide to the young dental practitioners of today.6
I take this opportunity to wish them all success and sincerely hope that they would continue to support the dental profession by publishing such books, which are clinically oriented and useful in the day-to-day practice of dentistry.
My compliment and good wishes to the young and dynamic authors.
Anil Kohli
This book has been written with an objective of filling the lacunae left between the concepts taught by the various endodontics textbooks and actual practice of clinical endodontics. This handbook will specifically meet the requirements of a general dental practitioner.
The chapters have been arranged specifically for better understanding and provide a step by step approach to understanding the need and procedure of actual root canal treatment. It is actually A Step by Step approach to root canal treatment. It is adequately illustrated both with diagrams and clinical pictures wherever necessary.
It is quite possible that there are errors of omission and commission in this attempt. We would be sincerely grateful to readers for their suggestions to improve the book.
Vivek Hegde
Gurkeerat Singh
We sincerely thank Mr PA Inamdar, President, MCE Society, Dr SN Kaul, Principal, MA Rangoonwala Dental College and Research Centre, Dr Parvez Inamdar, Mr Dharamveer Gupta, Chairman, Lala Bhawan Dass Trust, Dr M Gulati, Principal, Sudha Rustagi College of Dental Sciences and Research, Faridabad, for their constant unconditional support during the preparation of this handbook.
Our deep appreciation to Dr Premanand Kamath, Dr Naresh Thukral, Dr Arun Khatavkar, Dr Chirag Sarkari for providing us with valuable information, pictures and data which has helped this handbook to come into shape.
The contributions of Dr Vinu Nair, Dr Shyju Neyyan and Dr Akanksha Gulati deserve special mention, towards the compilation of this book. Our thanks to Mr Abrar, Mr Shahnavaz and Mr Shyam for working overtime during the prepartion of this book.
We appreciate Mr Imran for featuring in the photographs of the chapter on diagnosis.